Welcome to the home of Weekend Lollygagger, a site that started off as a YouTube channel and has rapidly expanded in to a Podcast (The Land Before Prime feat. Retro Throw Back) and a place to show off the artistic work of Jannis Bremmer.

So what can you expect to find when you arrive here? The occasional blog post, the latest videos from Tom, 3 weekly episodes from The Land Before Prime and the latest pieces of art work by Jannis. There should be plenty here to entertain you!

The Original Weekend Lollygagger aka Tom

Looking suave Mr Lollygagger

I’ve been on YouTube for coming up to a year now in the form of Weekend Lollygagger. Previously (and still), I am part of the duo that created and provided the world with Video Game Basement UK which is currently working on various ideas for a comeback. Recently I’ve set up The Land Before Prime Podcast (@BeforePrimePod on Twitter) with fellow Lollygagger, RetroThrowBack.

You can find me here or @WELollygagger on Twitter, come and say hello!

Ray Peverill

I am a first time writer and have just joined the Weekend Lollygagger collective. A former musician, I have spent most of my life sat behind a drum kit. A huge fan of a wide range of music, I am also a lover of all things cinema. On top of that there is a huge enthusiasm for pop culture.

Can be found here, or on @iveruinedit on Twitter.

Adam Whiting

Hi all, I’am Adam, a nearly 42 year old former Islingtonian Dad of 3 and soon to be husband of one, residing in the burbs of Hertfordshire.
Constantly distracted, misunderstood, loving, funny ,frustrated daydreamer, blagging his way through life,surviving the day to day inevitable boredom of eat, sleep, work repeat!
Still trying to work out why the fu*k we are here and what the fu*k is going on?
Always being reminded “I’m not the messiah, he’s just a very naught boy!”
But with the help of his kids & Mrs and the simplicity of life’s beautiful bearable distractions, is slowly realising it ain’t all bad.
Can mostly be found lost in a film, jumping around at a sporting event and acting the fool, or shouting at the TV. Always ready for a kip!
Juggling work and play like a p*ssed up clown trying to balance the spinning plates.
Would be lost without his kids, Mrs, films,Comedy, music, gaming & sports. Favourite quote: “Thomas it’s up for grabs now!” Most hated quote “the book was so much better than the film.”
And thanks to Tom @WeekendLollygagger you will now be sharing in the randomness or whats rattling about inside my huge melon shaped head.
Enjoy! x
Twitter @AdamWhiting22