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Introducing: The Land Before Prime

Weekend Lollygagger originally started as an idea for a Podcast, one that would see me interviewing random people around the UK that were just ‘normal’. No celebrities, no main aim – just a way to learn about the people all around us.

Obviously this didn’t happen and I (Tom) quickly came up with the idea to make a completely random YouTube channel instead which, so far has been incredibly fun to do.

One year down the line and I’ve got itchy feet again so here we go: The Land Before Time will land in your podcast feeds by the end of January 2020! Rob from RetroThrowBack will be my partner in crime where we look at the often forgotten DVD shelf, and review the random collections we both have.

Episode One will be about South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut plus a few updates on current trailers and film announcements.

Watch this space!

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