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The Worst Games

Following on from the gaming videos I post, here is the list (from worst to best) of games I’ve played to date.

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1The Flintstones – ZX Spectrumhttps://youtu.be/k5Y-V7ycZ4E
2The Wombles – ZX Spectrumhttps://youtu.be/FSL2r2a0kC4
3Bad Cat – PC DOShttps://youtu.be/d3UkJQT8PoE
4Postman Pat – ZX Spectrumhttps://youtu.be/-Sib9CCLQEg
5Grange Hill – ZX Spectrumhttps://youtu.be/S0nG5j9467M
List starts with the Worst and progresses to the Best.

Of course, some games just don’t belong in this list. The ones below are excellent and well worth playing.

1Kokotoni Wilf – ZX Spectrumhttps://youtu.be/d6hePCKfMvE
This list starts with the best