I want these sweets back

I adore milk chocolate in any form, you could hook it up to me via IV and I’d be happy (albeit dead). Cadbury have released a Orange Cadbury Twirl which I am yet to find, Nestle continually pump out different flavoured KitKat chunkies to the world and yet still, I wait for some of the sweets from my past to get a Facebook campaign to bring them back; this post is dedicated to some of the chocolate we have lost…

Fry’s Five Centre

Fry’s Cream Bars are still one of my all time favourite chocolate bars, the mix of dark chocolate with a sweet fondent really tickles my tastebuds leaving me happily munching through a three pack inside of 5 minutes. Plain, Mint or Orange are the flavours available today but one of my earliest ‘sweet’ memories was of the ‘Five Centre’.

Aunt Lil was from my fathers side and used to live at the shop my family have owned since the 60s. Prior to her passing away in the early 90s and whilst I was very young, we used to visit her on a Sunday when she lived at a care home nearby and this forms some of the earliest memories of chocolate for me. My two brothers and I would sit on her bed and she’d ask us how we’d been before producing a couple of coins for us to go to newsagent and buy some sweets. I always went for the ‘Five Centres’, the colours inside were vibrant (most likely banned E numbers now) and the flavour and texture divine.

Discontinued in 1992, this is definitely a bar I’d like Fry’s (now owned by Cadbury) to revisit.

Rowntree Secret

Before Rowntree were owned by Nestle they released a chocolate bar the required more care than Cadbury Flake.

How do I know this? It’s golden packaging with purple writing hid a cardboard inner sleeve which had one job, protect what resembled a chocolate shredded wheat. Filled with a mousse centre of similar style to a walnut whip, very few people remember this delicious chocolate bar of past.

Cadbury Tasters

Smooth, round, tiny balls of solid Cadbury Milk Chocolate, what isn’t to like here? I used to stuff handfuls in to my mouth at College which absolutely destroyed the point of savoring each individual ball BUT.. this was Cadbury Milk Chocolate and I’m greedy,

Cadbury Spira

Sticking with Cadbury. I love a good Twirl and the flaky goodness you get as you crunch in to it is divine, the only thing that could best it was the Spira and boy did it deliver. What appeared to be a wagon wheel design running through the cente of a spiraled bar, it gave you a solid and satisfying Dairy Milk experience.

I only discovered these late in the life of the bar, around the Y2k era. They were often in our college vending machine and would be my follow up treat to a hash-brown, sausage & bacon bap.

Terry’s Pyramint

I like Mint, and I love chocolate so what could be better than mint flavoured chocolate (see Why the Irish Cadbury products are the best: https://youtu.be/cTeuvl6L2h8)? Enter Pyramint, a dark chocolate pyramid inside a beautifully designed cardboard pack.

Biting into this delicious treat revealed a core of pure mint goo that wasn’t too strong but also not over powering.. Tie this to an amazing advert featuring a mummy and this became a very popular treat for me to pick up. Obviously displaying this must have been a pain in the arse for vendors and the packaging costs would have been through the roof; I’m not really surprised this didn’t survive but would love to try one for old times sake.

I could continue writing pages on this subject but for now, this will do. A follow up article will appear at some point but for know, wipe your chin, your dribbling.


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