My Top 6 alternate Christmas Songs

While my brain is sat on Christmas, here are my top 6 Christmas Songs of alternate origin and please, don’t expect to find Band Aid etc in this list!

6: The Night Santa went Crazy, Weird Al Yankovich

How can an alternate Christmas song list not have Weird Al Yankovich in it somewhere? I loved this song the first time I heard it and still to this day have it on my Christmas Car playlist.

5: Oh come all ye faithful, Twisted Sister

I bought this album about 9 years ago when I first discovered it on YouTube. You may not think you know any Twisted Sister (a 70’s cross-dressing glam rock band) songs BUT it is highly likely that you have heard their hit ‘We’re not going to take it’. Now, remove the original lyrics and replace them with the traditional carol ‘Oh come all ye faithful’ and there you have it, an instant Christmas hit.

4: Run Rudolph Run, Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Grohl & Billy F. Gibbons

Another album purchased around the same time as the Twisted Christmas album, I listen to it yearly and love how so many famous faces got involved!

3: The 12 days of Christmas, Amateur Transplants

The Amateur Transplants were a pair of Doctors in training. They had musical talent and chose to make some truly awful, rude and distressing parody songs that made me belly laugh. There was an entire Christmas album recorded but the geek in me had to choose this.

2: Silent Night, Meatwad

I fell in love with Aqua Teen Hunger Force the first time I saw it, the cartoon doesn’t make sense, is rude and certainly will damage children should they watch it. Meatwad has to be the top character along with Karl and what could be better than a duet (of sorts) in the number 2 spot.

1: Christmas time for my Penis, The Vandals

My middle brother Roland introduced me to this album when I was 15 and for the past 20 years, I’ve listened to it every Christmas without fail. Every song on the album is a classic but this one remains my favourite.

So there you have it everyone, my top 6 Christmas songs for you all to enjoy.


Originator of Weekend Lollygagger and second part of Video Game Basement, Tom is a big geek at heart. Happily doing random things left right and center allows the world to view his insanity in all it's technicolor glory.

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