Do you remember… Phone Cards?

I won’t lie, this is part one of god knows how many. I enjoy being nostalgic and when I spot something that really triggers the old ‘nostgasm’, obviously I’m going to go on about it.

A few weeks back I traveled to the deepest, darkest corner of the UK aka Blackpool and got to enjoy PlayExpo in the decrepit, dangerous and most likely death filled Norbrick Castle. During this time, Graham of Jaws 19 and a few others joined me in heading over to the shops to get snacks – compulsory when you realise the Norbrick may not get a health rating of any sort – and whilst on this journey, we spotted an old BT telephone box, waiting to be demolished.

With all that in mind, who remembers pissing in a phone box BT phone cards?

I vividly remember BT phone cards and always wanting to get the new picture designs when they were advertised. I had no need for them, they were at their prevalence when I was still unllikely to be out on my own but still, I wanted them. I was always so envious of my cousin who had a collection of spent cards donated by my Uncle. I was less jealous of his collection of rail tickets.

For those of you oung enough not to remember these nostalgic days, imagine putting your debit / debit card in to a phone and then having it count down your money until it was gone, all for a phone call.

The only other memory I have of these things was a scheme that BT used to run. You could issue your family with a card that allowed them to charge phone box calls to your landline number. I memorised my card and then promptly abused it.. Mum took it back and cancelled it after 2 months. Oops.


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