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Oh the tears of unfathomable sadness….Mmmm.. yummy…yummy you guys!

Its been 20 years since South Park released its movie ‘Bigger,Longer & Uncut’. It has, and always will be, one of my favourite ever programmes. Its pure genius assures that no matter what mood I’m in I know I’m always guaranteed to laugh once I hit the play button on the remote.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone way back in 1992, when they were in film class together, the series has produced 297 episodes over 22 seasons (so far). What I love about the writing process is that they try to keep it unique when completing an episode. The show’s insane six-day production schedule, in which an entire half hour episode is written, recorded, and animated entirely in Los Angeles! Now lets get into the my greatest South Park episodes!

5. A Nightmare on Face Time

Season 16 Episode 12

Ok so this wont be up there as the greatest episode for most people but its such a nostalgic episode. Going to the video store and spending a good hour picking a video was a huge part of most of our childhoods and Randy does his best to remind everyone. It starts off with Randy announcing he has purchased a Blockbuster for $10,000 in the hope it will make him rich. His family keep telling him how streaming is the future but Randy being Randy, doesnt listen. The side story is focused on the boys dressing up as The Avengers for Halloween and witnessing a robbery.

4. Cartmanland

Season 5 Episode 6

Who has never dreamt of having their own Theme Park?. Cartman finally gets to live out his dream. After being ‘forced’ to go to his Grans funeral he finds out that she has left him $1,000,000. His first thought? A Theme Park!

Cartman’s vision is to have it all to himself ,which basically means no ques! A dream for all of us. However, he soon realises he cant afford to keep the park running. Security, maintenance and providing food for his staff all require wages. Therefor her allows people to enter the park to pay for their wages. Realising the park is completely packed again he decides to sell up. On another note in the episode Kyle has managed to get himself a haemorrhoid!

3. Medicinal Fried Chicken

Season 14 Episode 3

If you ever want to show someone just how strange South Park is well this is the one. We first see at the start of the episode that all fast food restaurants in low-income areas result in all of them being closed in Colorado. Randy has found out if you get cancer then you are able to smoke prescription marijuana. The episode goes from Randy basically microwaving his balls to him eventually bouncing on them for transportation as they have grown to a ridiculous size. Thats a very very quick quide to just 1 part of the episode! The other side shows Cartman becoming a fried chicken smuggler, yes you read that right. Doctors then assume that the ban on KFC has led to the rise in testicular cancer because the chicken was somehow preventing it. Scarface is referenced a lot in this episode and it is one of the most memorable ones to date.

2. Over Logging

Season 12 Episode 6

Have you ever worried about the internet disappearing? Certain people wouldn’t be able to cope and we see in this episode, Randy definitely cant!

It all starts off as a normal day when suddenly the Marsh family wake up to find there is no internet connection. Panic kicks in once they all realise their neighbours are going through the same thing. Rumours start to go round that their is ‘some’ internet in Silicon Valley. Randy immediately packs up his things and takes his family with him in search for the internet.

The episode is great because it shows the family acting as if its an end of time scenario. Like people just cant live without the internet! The Marsh family eventually get to a ‘Internet Refugee Camp’ where they are allowed 40 seconds a day. That isnt good enough for Randy as we find out all he was bothered about was that he couldn’t log onto Internet Porn!

1. Make Love, Not Warcraft

Season 10 Episode 8

Now we have come to, in my opinion, the greatest episode of South Park. Here we find the boys completely obsessed with the game ‘World of Warcraft’ however there is someone in the game that keeps going around and killing others at will. We see that in the real world he is an obese, middle aged man.

Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny decide they are gonna do what they can to level up to be powerful enough to kill him. They decide to spend 21 hours a day killing low level boars to gain XP. They spend so long doing this that we see them all growing really overweight and full of acne.

Throw in the amazing killer song ‘Live to Win’ by Paul Stanley (KISS) and a great effort from Randy to save the day and you have the best South Park episode to date.



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