The Core vs Deep Impact

So it’s come to this, you’re desperate for something to watch and you’ve only got two films to choose from. Seeing that you don’t want to hang yourself let’s look at which is the lesser of the two evils.


Released to the cinemas in 1998, Deep Impact was the disaster movie that no one asked for. What’s the story? Well if the name didn’t give it away (and no, it’s not a hardcore porno), Deep Impact was a film about the end of the world as we know it with us, or the majority of us, killed by a comet.

Does the poster give it away much?

Moving on from our annihilation by comet comes The Core, released in 2003 and yes, yet again is another disaster film we didn’t ask for. This time some scientists (because science is evil) stop the core from rotating and therefore bring an impending doom to us all.

Not much of a give away this time but is that a wooden horse (ok, mean comment about Hilary Swank) on the front?

Winner: Draw, they are both as soul destroying and depressing as each other.

CGI and Models

Ok, let’s get this straight, The Core was released in 2003 while Deep Impact was in 1998. Why then does Deep Impact have better effects and models? It surely isn’t the budget seeing The Core had $40,000,000 more to spend!

Having watched both films recently I had to chuckle to myself when I realised some of the devastation in The Core looked more like Team America, World Police

Beam me up Scotty (The Core)
Surfs up! (Deep Impact)
Team America or The Core, you tell me!

Now I know that I have advocated using models instead of CGI in the past and I still stand by this. The Star Trek films (originals) are still a prime example BUT when CGI is done well then I can let it slide, the Core however just doesn’t manage it.

I must say that The Core does have one redeeming scene and that’s when the pigeons go mental! Should you have already seen the film (spoiler alert), keep an eye on the final window hit by the Pigeons.. That is indeed a flying fish which was left in by the CGI editors.

Deep Impact did have it’s fair share of poorly done CGI and may be 5 years older but it’s still better quality than The Core.

Winner: Deep Impact

Body Count

What? A body count for two films that are meant to be full of suspense, survival and adventure have deaths in them? Damn right they do but Jesus one of them does it ever so slightly over the top. Of course if we didn’t have a body count there would be no vested interest to keep watching the film..

During the first 5 minutes of Deep Impact we find ourselves watching 32 people drop dead all at the same time. Spoiler Alert again but this was all to do with the failing magnetic poles and their pacemakers. Just for me to piss over this a little, this would have been a great idea should people with pacemakers actually rely on them to be firing non-stop through out their day to day life and not just when they pick up irregularities in the heart that shouldn’t be there. You know what? I’ll let them get away with it.

A little further in to the film we see a fair few other people in Rome and America get killed by various deadly weather patterns taking the body count to the thousands.

Add to this that 4 out 6 main characters get killed (Spoiler Alert, No, Hilary Swank doesn’t get killed: Bugger) and you get a fairly miserable film with death included.

The Core Body count: Thousands with no specific number

Deep Impact had a completely different way of dealing with this. Let’s not just kill a few thousand people you can hear the writers say, let’s kill millions plus the rescue team who are meant to save everyone. Can we kill Elijah Wood? Look in to his eyes and you know the answer is no (again: bugger).

Basically the Comet is split in to a small chunk and a big chunk and guess what, the small chunk still hits us killing millions of people by mega-tsunami. Put that with some moving – I forgive you dad scenes and I’m sorry it took so long to make up just before we get killed by the giant wave and you have Deep Impact.

If you’d been around Daddy you might have taught me to swim. Arsehole.

Let’s look at the rescue team up in space – they fuck up their job, one gets blinded and then all decide to commit suicide. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Oh and just for the books, Western Canada was due to be the impact point. What has any Canadian ever done to you and no, you can’t use Nickelback as a reason.

Deep Impact Body count: Millions with no specific number

Winner: Deep Impact for it’s murdering of millions of people because fuck it, we can’t have a completely happy ending.


Jesus I wanted these films to end so badly but then I realised, no, don’t end because it’s just going to make me even more depressed than I was at the beginning. You just can’t win. If you want the better of the two films then go and watch Deep Impact, it’s well done and has a storyline that’s so much more solid than The Core. Maybe it’s because in real life we are always facing the threat of a collision in the future, I don’t know. I am genuinely amazed at how both these films (excluding the IMDB rating) are rated better than Armageddon, a film released in 1998 that captivated millions of people world wide and did the whole disaster story well.

If you really can’t muster either of these films but still have a taste for something depressing and hopeless may I suggest Left Behind starring Nicholas Cage. It’s a good film.. honest. I dare you…


Originator of Weekend Lollygagger and second part of Video Game Basement, Tom is a big geek at heart. Happily doing random things left right and center allows the world to view his insanity in all it's technicolor glory.

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