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Welcome one and all to Weekend Lollygagger, a site dedicated to the things you can’t do during the work week.

Whether it’s a tech review, retro gaming history lesson or a delve in to film, you’re bound to find something of interest here.

So, who are the creators on show here…

The Original Weekend Lollygagger aka Tom

Looking suave Mr Lollygagger

I’ve been on YouTube for a few years now, once as part of a retro gaming channel that has now ceased and more recently as the Lollygagger. Originally I aimed to make random video content but then realised that my passion lies with Reviews and Old video games with a hint of film thrown in. Recently I’ve set up The Land Before Prime Podcast (@BeforePrimePod on Twitter) with fellow Lollygagger, RetroThrowBack – check it out on your favourite podcast app now!

You can find me here or @WELollygagger on Twitter, come and say hello!