Review: Good Boys

I was at work at the time when I kept hearing on the radio about this new movie coming out from the ‘guys that brought you Superbad, Bad Neighbours and Sausage Party’ . I didn’t pay much attention however every hour or so I kept hearing the same advert. This time it was saying how the film was so rude they couldn’t play any actual recordings from the movie. This intrigued me.

I only watched a brief advert on YouTube once I got home and got a rough idea how it will go. It seemed to follow the same pattern from Superbad. They are on on a mission to get an item/items before reaching the party at the end with lots of funny mishaps along the way. Seems fun enough.

Being an unlimited member at Cineworld Ive found that even if the film isnt great I dont feel as let down because I dont feel Ive wasted money. Was I let down by this?…..Yes.

Now the movie itself is an ok watch, but its just ok. It seems to give you so much promise due to how good Superbad was but the jokes just feel outdated. I understand films like American Pie and the obvious Superbad have many jokes regarding sex and alcohol but when they are being told by a bunch of 11 year olds it kinda creeps you out.

Of course this is a no spoiler review so Im not going to be going into any of the main plot details but I was watching some of the scenes saying to myself “That would never happen!”..I know its a movie and its not always meant to be ‘real’ but some stuff was just over the top and exaggerated. Were the writers on actual drugs during the highway scene? Ill leave that there..

There was some small laughs from the audience but that’s about it. Its one of those movies where most of the laughs are shown in the advert. Its an ok watch if you are not taking it in fully or just having it on the TV in the background but for me its a one watcher and I have seen it getting good reviews everywhere but in my opinion its nothing special and definitely the type of comedy we have all seen before in movies.

Good Boys









  • Good acting from the main 3 kids


  • Predictable story
  • Outdated jokes
  • Constant swearing from 11 year old kids was not needed.


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