10 films that tell you who I am

I’ve always thought you can get to know someone by asking them to choose a selection of films. In today’s video I chose ten films that express who I am and should help you get to know me better.

This was the first video I have shot with my new Sony RX100 IV and Olympus LS100 / Neewer Microphones. Let me know what you think, too loud? Too Quiet? Etc…

I would love to see some video / comment responses with your choices, the genres are:
Kids / Family

I should have included thriller as a genre.. If I had then I would have chosen one of the following:
The Fugitive
16 Blocks

I feel honourable an mention should also go to Moon and Twelve Monkeys. Really I should have chosen one of them for Drama.

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Originator of Weekend Lollygagger and second part of Video Game Basement, Tom is a big geek at heart. Happily doing random things left right and center allows the world to view his insanity in all it's technicolor glory.

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